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I have a bunch of back ones, and didn't realize I hadn't been sharing them, but here's a start...

Anzio Beachhead Newsletter April 2014.pdf

Anzio Newsletter Dec 2014.pdf

Anzio Beachhead Reunion 2015.pdf

Anzio Beachhead Veterans May 2015.pdf

Ah, so sad...another era comes to a close, for the Anzio Beachhead veterans just had their last reunion - yes, LAST reunion, folks. You can read all about it in the latest Sept 2015 edition.


One of my veteran's is also featured in the group photo - Carl Furtado of the 36th Engineers. He can be seen in the Final Group Picture. He is first row front, 2nd from the left.

How sad! Unfortunately inevitable, but still sad. Just reinforces the idea that we are losing all of these gentlemen.

Well that is NOT going to happen to our group, for as everyone knows, I am planning on keeping this THING alive. My idea is that once the 36th Engineer Reunion has come to an end, I will simply have an all encompassing VI Corps Engineers Reunion and join several groups. That is my goal.


I am with you. If anyone can make this happen it is Marion.

Thank both of you for your confidence in me.


One of the gals I know who's a veteran's daughter was saying how we'd have to let it go after the last one leaves the face of this earth. What are you talking about, I exclaimed???? Let it go? No, it will give us even more incentive to keep on going. Who will honor their memory if we don't. I then proceeded to tell her that I've had this idea for years and that my peeps on the forum are all behind me.


Sure it will be sad and devastating to no longer have them with us, but give up? Never! We have to bring the kids, grandkids and great grandkids into the fold, so they can keep the fires burning.


I plan to see all of you there. I want as many of you as possible, standing beside me when the day comes, lifting our glasses in a toast to these fine engineers!

Now that would be something alright.