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The story is not a real mission but they had 4 WWII vets from 66th Regiment "F" company, which was the badass company in Patton's "Hell on Wheels" group, as historical consultants. Basically this movie has a lot of the info these guys, who were there,gave them. If you're into WWII and like to read real history, not the PC BS they try to feed our kids today, look for the book Iron Knights.


I just hope it's not being rushed. The best War World ll movies like Saving Private Ryan took time

Vee, I'm certainly looking forward to it. Glad to hear they had guys who were there as consultants. Unfortunately, those guys won't be around (or not in good enough health) very soon to ask. That is a very sobering thought.



I do have one thought on consultants and this is only an observation from my time talking to Marines and other servicemen. Conflicts are so large scale (normally) and units vary enough from place to place that you will often get contradictory statements as to "what it was like". I just find it a very interesting phenomenon. Also, there are lots of little things that happenend in real life that, if replicated in a movie, would probably be seen as an error. For instance, when I was in Iraq the first time (didn't know you fine people way back then in 2004) there was a crazy amount of gear variation there from person to person because a lot of people were buying their own gear. That was the case for me as they weren't offering the holsters that attach to your leg (drop holsters) and the 3 point slings like I used. A picture of guys in the field would show such a variety of gear people might think it was the result of some lazy prop manager. Finally, you have the shysters out there that will inflate their own story to make it sound good. The below cartoon is usually how it can start. The “old salt” is telling the greenies in the platoon about their storied career of the last 2 and a half years and they start to embellish the story as it goes along.



Great post. Good incite too. And yes, a very sobering thought...the WWII vets won't be around much longer to tell their stories. Sigh!

Been seeing the ads for FURY on tv too. Looks very promising.

Wonderful comments to read!


And Vee, you are like a detective uncovering all of these things.



Thank Jean , Yes i'm a great detective ;)

This is link of the book I'm talking about is a very good book It is Lots of personal accounts from letters, diaries !!

This short post, is wonderful.!!


The one important scene that Fury left out

Great blog, good read.