Full Version: Francorchamps, Belgium, European Center of Military History
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Hello to all,


Dear Marion, I am sorry but when a woman tells me to Introduce myself ... I need to think twice about this sentence, being myself a French, German, Walloon speaking guy.

I decided to join your site because I think I have a lot of interesting archives to share with the members of the your ECB related website.

Well that's almost all about me (to say) because I like to stay in the shadow ! :))


Okay, you can stay in the woodwork for now, but you know we will find you whenever you allow it!


This is great news that you have joined the site!


Welcome! and Thank You!



Indeed Jean. Gunter and I know each other outside of the forum and we have been corresponding for years. He's a very interesting guy and knows a lot about WWII.


So glad you joined our forum. So pleased to have you here.


Smiles! :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:

Gunter, welcome and make yourself comfortable! I look forward to any WWII info you have.

Hey Major, what's shaking on the EAST side of the world?