Full Version: 157th Combat Engineers photos from Andrew G Holman's collection
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post-1643-0-72628400-1406580314_thumb.jpgAndrew Holman is in the front center

post-1643-0-14431900-1406580313_thumb.jpgAndrew Holman back right

post-1643-0-54626500-1406580311_thumb.jpgAndrew is in the back center wearing sunglasses

post-1643-0-33843600-1406580309_thumb.jpg Soldiers name not known


Unfortunately, I do not know anything about the photos or who the other men are. I am hoping that maybe others might be able to identify anyone in the photos. My grandfather was in Company C.

Fantastic! So pleased to see these and to have you as a member. Can you tell our members a bit more about these photos, if known.


Loving it! :pdt12:

Hello and Welcome TM Holman!


Thank you so much for sharing these treasured photos with us!


Maybe someday the individual story of these men and their lives will be known.


it is wonderful that you have introduced and shared these men with us!


Thank you!


post-1643-0-00240900-1406668508_thumb.jpg Private Andrew G Holman

post-1643-0-69699300-1406668514_thumb.jpg This is a license plate cover. Brian M suggested that it may have been given out at a reunion.

Very nice photos!

A very handsome young man, and I love the license plate. I had a license plate frame made in honor of my dad.


This is now on my car, but of course with my actual license plate. :pdt12:




It is wonderful that you found new things to share with us!


I have never seen those license plate covers before. What a great idea and Marion, how special the one you made up honoring your Dad.


My Dad, later in life, got a POW (Ex-POW) license plate. He saved the plate (and I did too) after he was no longer able to drive because his knee and bone was removed and his leg made straight.


The license plate cover would be a great product for so many of the WW2 organizations to sell to raise money and also to keep the memories of the War and the men that fought in it alive. It might stir up folks that have information/photos etc. stored away to share them.


Andrew Holman would be proud of his Grandaughter for helping keep his memory alive! And sharing with us this great license plate idea. I would order one today!



I should have included this comment, and that is, if I had time, I would love to contact organizations like Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, the WW2 Museum, the different Army Division Associations and give them a contact where they could have them made at a great low price - that would obviously take some research and they might more quickly have their own sources to go to. It is the idea of having that product available - that is so wonderful


But for now, I don't dare add anything in to my overflowing queue... but oh my gosh, so tempting. It is such a great idea!


Thank you granddaughter of Andrew Holman and proud daughter of a 540th Combat Engineer!



Oh if anyone is interested, this is the fellow that made my dad's license plate.


Tell him that Marion from VI Corps Combat Engineers sent you.


Oh and Jean, do I know about overflowing queue? Ha-ha! We are both in the same boat. :14_2_107:

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