Full Version: Abbreviation questions - "S-1" and "Officers 66-1"
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brian m

I did nto want to put this in the other forums but can anyone tell me what an Officers 66-1 for was and what information it contained? Also, I am trying to find what "S-1 equipment" may be refering to.




That's okay, but I moved this to the Research section, since it refers to abbreviations related to same... :pdt12:


Here's what the "S" designations refer to:


S-1 Adjutant

S-2 Intelligence

S-3 Operations

S-4 Supply


S-1 Was the Personnel Section of regimental or battalion headquarters. So S-1 equipment would refer to anything related to that specific office.


More to come...

WD AGO Forms 66-1 and 66-2 refer to officer qualification cards.



An interesting tidbit for you and our readers. Contains a few examples, but they are small and difficult to read. Trying to find larger images, so you can get a better idea.

IBM Punch Cards in the US Army

Here's an example of an enlisted man's qualification card



Very nice, thanks Marion!

Ah, you know I love sleuthing. Always something new to discover and share with our readers! You are welcome.