Full Version: Necklace with a story
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My dear friend Alyce recently posted a photo when she was 16 years of age. We were commenting on her beautiful picture when she told me the following.


...Marion you would be interested to know that the necklace I'm wearing was something my brother brought home from China/Burma where he served in the Air Force as a radio repairman for the Flying Tiger's during WWll. I came home from school after a day of wearing it, with a headache, it was sooooo heavy.It was a hand tooled intricate piece.



Alyce, very well versed with the Chenault's Flying Tigers. What a great pic and great story. Thanks so much for sharing that on FB and letting me share it here on my forum.

Alyce is beautiful! What a great photo! And how wonderful of her to share it.


I have a girlfriend, who once she retires, plans to learn more about the China Burma India Theatre (CBI) where her Dad served in communications. She has some photos of him out in the countryside and they are fascinating and she will eventually have time to share them.


I heard that Steve Spielberg's Dad was in the CBI.


Just a few weeks ago met a fellow from Oklahoma (maybe 20 mins. from Watonga, Okl.), we were staying in the same hotel on West Coast of Fla., I thought I got his email address correctly but did not. His Dad was in Flying Tigers. He has a write up from his Dad that he was going to forward to me. No luck yet with his email address... Shucks.



Oh man, that is too bad. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to hear about that? Hey, maybe he will find your post on the internet? Let's hope so.


I will pass along your words to Alyce. I'm sure she'd love to hear what you had to say.