Full Version: Facebook group for the 157th Engineer Combat Battalion
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brian m

Marion and all,


Just wanted to let you know I started a Facebook group for the 157th engineers. I thought this would be a nice meeting place for the few 157th engineers that I know of that are on line to catch up with each other and I figure that I might be able to snag a few of the family members of the veterans who may want to share their memories.


Marion, thank you so much for continuing to send out notices when people are searching for information on the 157th. That is making my research so much more interesting and fun! I have said it before but your site is such a valuable tool for connecting with people that you had no idea existed. Now does that make sense??? But thank you so much!


In an effort to make my digitizing of reports and journals easier, one of the things I am doing is posting the events of the day (70 days late!) from the unit journal, after action reports and other material I have collected. I am going to try to post photos and other material appropriate to the dates of the entries.


Please feel free to stop by the Facebook page and bring your comments and expertise. Of course you will still see my posts here when I have more findings!




Brian have more great news, which I shared with Harold Whiting this week.


Long story short, am awaiting on a photo album of the 157th. My husband's cousin Cliff (who was a combat engineer in the 70's), ran into someone in his local pub. Turns out a wife has photos of the 157th, that belonged to her hubby. Cliff called Lee and told him about it. My husband then asked me, do you know anything about the 157th? I sure do I replied and then brought up Harold, etc. Small world huh?


Anyway, she is going to let me borrow the pics to copy. Isn't that wonderful. I will then share it with all of you. So happy!

That is awesome! Looking forward to seeing them!


On a side note, are you familiar with copyright laws and such? The photos I obtained from the military were said to be copyrighted. I know you deal with a lot of photo so I wanted your take on placing them on line, etc.





Can't imagine why they'd still be copyrighted. Where did you obtain them from again?

It was from an army college but I looked at one of the messages and it says Classification: Unclassified. Caveats: None.


That to me says that it is ok? Again, I am no lawyer.

Yes, all that is unclassified now and therefore is public domain.


Do you have any Idea who the veteran is? I am too excited. I know you know the feeling!

No not yet. Waiting for my cousin to come over. He lives about 45 minutes away and is arranging to meet with the wife to get the album. You bet, I'm excited!!!

Oh man, looks like those photos I was telling you about (in regards to my cousin's friend) may be from the 147th and not the 157th. Sigh! He is going to talk to his friend this week and try to arrange something. Will keep you posted.

That is easy to do, I have a hard time keeping numbers straigth sometimes too! And with so many outfits out there. Oh wel, i am still looking forward to seeing them!