Full Version: The Seventh Army at Worms & Gen Patton Steals the Glory
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The following two articles were mailed to me by Karl Heinz-Kleine, my dear friend in Germany. So pleased to share these with all of you. Many thanks my friend!

The Seventh Army at Worms.pdf

Thank you both for sharing these.


I have printed them off and will be able to read them at a later date.


My quick review is that they cover the time frame after Dad left the Abbey at Siegburg.



May be a little off, but we share some points:


My Dad was a captain and a combat engineer. He was Cecil W. Henson (0 468 898 Captain) from Hollis Oklahoma, and was the cadet colonel of the Oklahoma A and M ROTC in 1941 (now OSU), then a "90 day wonder" straight into the service as a Second Lt. I do not do intense research, but I have all his military records and am trying to fill in the blanks. I have a Fifth Army Training Center, 39th Engineer Combat Regiment for a course in the Mines and Demolition course issued "somewhere in Africa" in March 1943. I have found the meaning of all his patches and awards, bronze star, purple heart, combat stars, theater ribbon. My biggest question is he was listed in the 1051st Engineer Port Construction and Repair when he separated in 26 Jan 1946? I was born in Dec. 1946, so he got back to school and started a family - he married before going overseas. Google groups the 1051st in with the 360th (?) engineers in Europe - I am trying to make the distinction. He started overseas in North Africa (as a platoon commander for the training for combat and the use in combat of the engineering platoon)taking up mines and building bridges, hopped the Med. and was switched to the new MOS and involved in rebuilding the ports of Naples Marseille and Le Hawre and is listed as a engineer group supply officer and proceeded to South France and "Rome Arno Rhineland" in Central Europe. He was shot through the shoulder on a patrol, recovered, returned to service but declined a Major slot to stay and work with the reconstruction of Europe. Four years, I think, was enough for him. Thank you for the opportunity to have a look at the site, I have a group photo of the 1051st I will scan and insert.


Thanks, Randy Henson 5527 3rd Street, Lubbock TX 8067907405

Note: I removed your email address. It's a great idea to never post your email address anywhere in public on the internet.


Ah, many people pose your same question about the unit listed on discharge docs. What happens quite a bit, is the soldier was sent home with another unit, not necessarily their own.

Looking forward to seeing the photo!