Full Version: Just got back from an eight day vacation
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My apologies to anyone who has been trying to reach me by any method, including phone, but we just got back from an eight day vacation, touring the south.


Spent time in:

Atlanta, Georgia

Charleston, South Carolina

Ashville, North Carolina and

Dayton, Ohio.


Just beautiful. Every day was sunny and warm. :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:

So do you have a favorite?


And as you speak have you noticed you picked up a little accent?


Hope you got to eat some of the local Southern foods.....



I really love South Carolina and North Carolina. Might even consider moving there someday. Maybe it is time for a warmer climate. LOL!



That is big news. Where in S. Carolina or N. Carolina would you consider moving to?



Oh my gosh, I haven't gotten that far yet. :14_2_107:


But to be honest, I'm always up for a new adventure or challenge. It's something I would think about over the next few years. I would take my time and do more research (oh big surprise there - :kermit: ) Look at places that have gotten great reviews. You know, something like the "best small towns to live in" articles. I am a subscriber to This Old House magazine, and they often run articles like that. Would have to be somewhere that has that old town feel and has a close-knit community, and of course a climate a bit warmer than mine.


It may never come to fruition, but it may. I never say never! I think of it as another possible venture and wonderful way to meet new people. Let's put it this way...if someone told me 15 years ago that I would move from Detroit to a little town of 600 people and would be running a store, I would have laughed, but look where I wound up, so who knows what's around the next corner. Hey life; surprise me! :drinkin::clappin: