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Hello all,

I'm really interested in following the footsteps of a fallen relative in his trek through Italy including his final days thru his death in Pieve Di Pino to his filnal resting place in Monte Beni US tempoaray hospital in Pietramala.

His name was S/Sgt Virgil Bertsch 361st infantry, 91st Div, Co B

Attached are some pics I've found.

First pic is of present day location of the Hospital Site in Pietramala

Final three pics are of an area in Pietramala very close to Hospital location that I feel is the missing location of where the temporary cemetery was located.

Any Thoughts?


I believe that would be the 8th Evac. Here's a link for you:


I'll keep searching and post more this morning. Welcome to the forum!

Some info on the cemetery...


Cemetery codes, including listing for Pietamala



US Military Cemeteries, Italy and Sicily



80. Cefalu, Sicily, 45th Infantry Division, II Corps, Seventh US Army, 24

July 1943, Provisional GR Platoon, 45th Infantry Division.

81. Coronia, Sicily, Seventh US Army, 16 August 1943, 48th QM GR CO

-One Platoon.

82. Gela #2, Sicily, Task Force Joss, Provisional Corps, Seventh US Army,

10 July 1943, First Platoon, 46 QM GR CO.

83. Licata #1, Sicily, II Corps, Seventh US Army, 11 July 943,

Headquarters and one Platoon, 48th QM GR CO

84. Palermo, Sicily, 2nd Armed Division, Provisional Corp, Seventh US

Army, 24 July 1943, 2nd Platoon, 48th QM GR CO.

85. Temporary US Military Cemeteries, established northwest area of

Sicily at Aqui, Dolci, San Stefano, Torina and Montevago, by the 45th

and 9th Infantry Divisions and the 82nd Airborne Division.

86. Avellion, Italy, 5th US Army Troops.

87. East Altavilla, Italy, 5th US Army troops.

88. Bari, Italy, primarily Army Air Corps Troops.

89. Castel Fiorentino, 5th US Army Troops

90. Follonica, Italy, 5th Army Troops

91. Maezanello Nuovo, 5th Army Troops

92. Mirandola, Italy, 5th Army Troops

93. Mariori, Italy, 5th Army troops

94. Mt. Soprano, Pastum, Italy, 5th Army Troops

95. Naples, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

96. Nettuno, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

97. Pietramala, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

98. R. Fratelli, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

99. Tarquinia, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

100. Vada, Italy, 5th Army Troops.

Vannulo, Italy, 36th Infantry Division, 12 September 1943 Assigned

Divisional Personal.

Found this elsewhere on our forum. Scroll down the topic to see...

Photos from another site.




Here I am! I attach a few pictures and a small comparison between before and after. To Steve, I pointed out the locations of the 8th EVAC and the cemetery! :)












Here's another view of Pietramala area!! :)


Enrico, I knew I could count on you. Thank you so much for assisting Steve in his quest. It was time to call in "THE ITALIAN!" Ciao, grazie amico mio!