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From a new friend - more on its way...



We have a total of three boxes about WWII in my garage I stumbled upon this summer containing records, personal stories of the men from 386th Regiment 97th division reunions. Rowland Bergstrom was a Clerk with Company M in the 386th Regiment 97th Division.


I have included a PDF of the Unit Journal and a photo of Lewis Conklin who's story is told in this journal. (Probably last picture ever taken of him)


I live in fear that our house will catch fire some day and these records would be lost.

Feel free to share with anyone interested. Many of these division's crossed paths during the war, but frankly really interseting reading... Like a novel..


Lewis picture inspired me to start scanning (when I flipped it over and read what was writen on the back).


Morning Reports 97 Mech Troop From: 250001 T0: 290400

Place: Rossbach, Czech

1500 Troop train and 1 Plat light tanks arrived at C.P. Received message from 3rd Platoon that they had been fired upon and requested an ambulance.

1630 CPL Conklin killed by enemy action, PFC Harris wounded and Pvt Burdy (Spelling) missing. Discontinue patrol against the enemy in the vicinity of Thonburnn, Czechoslovakia.

1730 26 EM and 1 Officer attached to troop – assault Plat 1930 3 EM and 1 Officer - Artillery observers.


From: 260001 To: 262400 Place: Rossbach, Czechoslovakia

0645 LT Walther and T/5 Noyes, T/5 Silver carried litter with CPL Conklin’s body out of woods where he was killed, they were supported by 6 EM with mortar and MG fire and small arms. ******************* BACK STORY ******************************



Corporal Lewis W. Conklin, on 25 April 1945, near Thonbrunn, Czechoslovakia, Corporal Conklin volunteered to guide a patrol being sent to rescue a wounded man from an area known to be under heavy enemy small arms and rocket fire from concealed positions. As the patrol approached the point where the casualty lay, Corporal Conklin observed an enemy soldier approaching but soon lost contact because of the heavily wooded terrain. In order to locate the enemy position, Corporal Conklin fearlessly and courageously exposed himself to enemy fire and was fired upon and killed after he located the enemy position and endeavored to point it out to his patrol leader.


Here's the transcribed version of the journal. I was told that this taken verbatim from the hand-written text. Please note: there may be errors in the transcription, but was done to the best of the person's ability. I can well imagine, for that is not an easy job. Kudos!


UPDATE!!! August 8th, 2014




Update to replace previous documents as more data has been inserted and previous errors fixed. I have not gotten 386th Infantry Regiment, Company M morning reports scanned yet.. Only until February 1944.. I will let you know when they are ready.. What a huge project.. I have only touched the surface so far..







Wow, Kat, this is just great and yes, I certainly know how much work it is. I'm still only half way through scanning all the docs from NARA regarding my dad's unit, the 540th. Kudos to ya once again!

Note: Oh I broke the document into three sections, for it was too large for the 2 MB forum individual file upload limit.



Memoirs of WWII - 386th 97th - transcribed journal - pages 1-113.pdf

Memoirs of WWII - 386th 97th - transcribed journal - pages 114-226.pdf

Memoirs of WWII - 386th 97th - transcribed journal - pages 227 to end.pdf

Marion, Please THANK this gentleman PROFUSELY! The 97th Division - 303rd Regiment - were the ones to capture Siegburg!


I can not wait to see what is in Abbey/Lazarett file etc.


I would love to get to one day talk to him and personally Thank him for what he has saved and shared!


What a find!


Gad, Larry would be having a field day!




Marion, My Gosh this is like finding old biblical texts in a cave!


What an incredible new friend you have found! The effort to produce and share this is monumental!



You are certainly welcome and I know she will appreciate your words. She has done so much in so little time. This is a gold mine, isn't it?



You are right. This is a gold mine! What a generous lady (now I know gender) to be sharing this with us!!!


I recognize the names of some of the places from the 303rd info I have. It is fascinating to get to see more names and comments on the River Sieg etc.


It is also fascinating in studying the Battle for the Ruhr Pocket to have these details available!


Both you and this wonderful lady are owed a lot for sharing this history with the world - forever!



Jean: Can't tell you how much I look forward to each of your replies. It's so nice to have this personal communication, so keep 'em coming! Glad we are helping to fill in even more blanks. Now wouldn't that make Larry happy?





You are right!


Gad, how Larry loved research and solving puzzles!


I am working on getting details together and then arranged so that at the WW2 Museum next to the brick for Larry the Legend - I will have one for his Dad!


It is a very small way of telling Larry how much he meant to me and the great respect I had for him!


Without you I would never of known Larry the Legend!


You know how much I appreciate you and this monumental effort you have taken on with this website!



Merci and danka, my friend!

Ray Repasky photo journal! Wow, another gold mine. Here's a link to it on the Photo Page on the main site. Thanks again, Kat!


Ray Repasky Photo Album



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