Full Version: Hello From Alexandria, VA Interested in Engineer Aviation Firefighting Platoons
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Hello All, My connection to the WWII community is my Great-Uncle Christopher J. Facchina was a Private in the 33rd Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Infantry Division (Big Red 1). He was captured at the battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, and was imprisoned as a POW at Camp 59, in Serviliagno, Italy. He is mentioned in this website:


I am a retired firefighter from Fairfax County, VA. After my retirement I deployed to Iraq for a year and served as a civilian Fire Lieutenant on two US Army Installations. I have always had an interest in military history and have traveled to Normandy France, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I am interested in conducting research about the Engineer Aviation Firefighting Platoons (EAFFP) deployed in England and the European Theater of Operations (ETO). Thank you for the opportunity to join this forum.


Dennis Donehoo

Hi Dennis and welcome.


You might like to look at our 'bible'. A great online source about US Combat Engineers in WWII.



Dennis you are in luck, for we have an active veteran who was a member of a firefighting unit during WWII and he's made it his passion explore the history of these units. His name is Jim Davis and he lives in Hawaii.


He has many posts on this forum.


James G. Davis, Member and Historian

1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon

World War II

Author: Fire Fighters in Fatigues - The 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon - A History

Oh I should mention that his username is Jim Davis, so his posts will be easy to find. You can send him a personal message too, by clicking on his username while logged in.


And, thank you for your service.

Colin and Marion, Thank you for your warm welcome to the VI Corps Combat Engineers Website and Forum. Marion, I have taken your suggestion and introduced myself to Jim Davis. I am fortunate in that I live in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, so I have access to NARA in DC. College Park, and Suitland. Have a Happy New Year, and I am looking forward to many hours of research here at VI Corps Combat Engineers. Dennis Donehoo

Jim was supposed to get in touch with you. Let me know what transpired.



Here are a few links and a book about the history of the Army Engineer Firefighting MOS


Army Fire Fighting: A Historical Perspective


Allen Ward

Army Firefighting Historian

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