Full Version: Added seven new tunes to the jukebox
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Added seven new songs to the Jukebox, today. Hope you enjoy them.



Dear Marion,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..... After receiving your Christmas email, I got checking the "jukebox" looking to see if the songs I sent to you made it to the collection. I didn't see them. So I checked my "sent" email folder and much to my surprise that email was not there. I guess I goofed when sending the list to you. Let me try again.


There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Jimmy Wakely DECCA-6059

Bell Bottom Trousers Kay Kyser And His Orchestra COLUMBIA-36801

A Slip Of The Lip Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra Feat. Ray Nance Victor-1528

I Wish That I Could Hide Inside This Letter Lawrence Welk And His Orchestra Decca-4428


The Squadron Song Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orchestra V-Disc-144-A God Bless.

Ed Alleger Volunteer National Military History Center Auburn, IN


Marion's Note: I got everything on your list, but the Star-Spangle song and I Wish song I have, are by a different artists.



Hello Marion,


Your site is always fabulous. I have a request. The Pathfinder Richardson, 508PIR, told that he had a Tommy Dorsey's song in mind when he bailed out of the plan, 6 june 44 morning. The title was: "What is this thing called love". I would like to hear it on your Jukebox, if you find it. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas and Happy new year, a great 2014 year for you and yours.


Joel Baret

Marion's Note: Happy to comply. Greetings to Europe!