Full Version: Happy Birthday Jim Hennessey
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And to think I almost missed this one! Well, I didn't for it's not midnight yet!!!!


I just haven't been on my computer all day and...


So, big hugs to Jim Hennessey. Wonderful friend and member of the 87th Infantry Division. You are much loved!


Hope it was a great one!!!



Happy Birthday Jim Hennessey!


I wanted you to know that there was an article in the Sun Sentinel On Nov. 10, 2013 with the title of 'Honor Flight is a hero's journey.' One of the WW2 vets that went on the flight was a Ray Judson, 94, from Deerfield Beach, Fla. In the article it mentions that he was a private first class in the 87th Infantry.


Again Happy Birthday,



Happy Birthday Jim from the Philippines!


Here's a recent pic of Jimbo!!! Many thanks to his son for sending it my way.


And one from the war and one after the war when he joined the postal service.




His son sent this to me this morning. Cutting the cake at 88!