Full Version: Choc'late Soldier from the USA
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Received a very nice letter and a generous donation to our WWII jukebox this morning. The gentlemen stated:



Just learned of your site tonight, I think that I have spent $25 in nickels already. I found you by searching for "Choc'lot Solders from the USA", a very popular tune when we landed in England in 1944. Any clues where I can find it? Thanks. Nav Fosse, US army retired some 100 years ago (it seems)




So got to looking around and found the lyrics:



Chocolate drop, always fast asleep

Dozin in his cosy bed

Chocolate drop has got no time for sleep

He's riding in a jeep instead


They used to call in lazy bones in Harlem

Lazy good for nothing all the day

But now they're mighty proud of him in Harlem

Chocolate soldier from the USA.


They used to call him just a chocolate dreamer

Until the day he heard the bugle play

They made a coloured Doughboy out of dreamer

Chocolate soldier from the USA.


Never in the school room

Always in the pool room

For a nickel or a dime he'd croon

His idea of heaven

Was seven come eleven

And dancing every evening neath the yellow Harlem moon


He used to get a scolding from his mammy

But now you'll hear his mammy proudly say

He's somewhere over there for Uncle Sammy

Chocolate Soldier from the USA.


I did locate the MP3 on the UK version of Amazon and have asked Colin if he would download it for me, for I can't purchase it directly with my US account. Can't wait to get a copy and share it with Nav. Of course will add it to our jukebox too. Oh the song is done by Lou Preager and His Orchestra.


I actually found a copy on some other sites, but you have to join, and I do not feel comfortable doing so anymore, due to "cookies" they place on your computer and the privacy issue, etc. I'd rather stick with Amazon.

Thank you Colin! He downloaded a copy of the tune for me, from the Amazon UK site. The song has now been added to the WWII jukebox. GREAT! :pdt12: :pdt12: