Full Version: Battle of the Bulge Memories
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Henri has been ill for a while, and it's good to have him back at it. I get updates on a regular basis from his site. Here's what he posted this month.




Hello dear friends,


After three months of absence (health problem) I am back with eight stories who are added to my website on September 24 and 30, 2013 .



Below are the titles and direct links:


Home page:


The General That History Forgot; and one Popular Lore Created, by Cpl Mitchell KAIDY, 87th Infantry Division


No Regrets, by Pfc Francis K DAVIS, 16th Field Artillery Observation Bn


A Corporal Story, by Cpl Carroll D. WILLEY, 5th Infantry Division


The Flight Not Taken, by Edward A. CONNORS, 28th Infantry Division


A Replacement’s Story, by Donald C. CHUMLEY, 90th Infantry Division


Recurring Memories, by Captain Arma E ANDON, 26th Infantry Division


Depressed and Trapped, by Elmer E LIBBY, 2nd Infantry Division.


Did They Fool us ? by Pfc William J GAYNOR, 3rd Armored Division







Hello Henri!


Wherever you are - Please stay healthy!!!


These are fabulous sites - and I am forwarding them to some Veterans and folks who have a a great passion and respect for all things about WW2!


I probably never would have found these sites without your help!


Thank You,

Jean J