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Hello Everyone,


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jay, I am a 10 year Navy Veteran and am currently doing research on my Grandfathers former assignments during WWII, which happens to be the 1885th Engineer Aviation Battalion and the 3310th Technical Training Wing.


A few weeks ago my father brought up several documents, books, and pictures dealing with the 1885th that my grandfather left behind when he passed, I am currently in the process of scanning these documents and such and will be uploading them for everyone to see, here are just a couple I have scanned so far. Didnt realize my grandfather saved so much.





I'm a UK member of this great website since 2004 and welcome you here. I will look forward to anything you upload in future.


As I'm 5 hours ahead of your east coast and 8 hours of the the west coast, I get to see things before other members but I'm sure there will be more here later to say hello.



Hello Jay!


This is awesome what you are considering doing!


Every piece of information is so important - not only for the sake of new knowledge but you never know what clues are hidden in the documents that will help all of us unravel the stories that are currently locked away.


Thank you so much for any effort you make in trying to share this information with us!


I can assure you that from my Dad and all of the Veterans I speak with - they are so appreciative of anything that is done to preserve this unique period of history!!!





I just went to look up a request from someone who is in Germany, and whose son I happen to casually know.


This gentleman wants to contact members of Pilot Training Class 62-B on T-33 at Williams AFB, Phoenix Arizona. He was looking for a Lt. and an I.P. Cpt. whose names he remembers and her was looking for others. I realize based on the age of the son, that this is probably after WW2 - but who knows what lurks in your papers.


Again, Thank You for anything you share with us.



Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome, I can tell you that as I have gone thru the documents themselves and even more so a few of the pamphlets/books that my grandfather saved, i am going to do my best to scan every page of every document so people can see as much as possible, one thing that I have noticed thru the documents is that my grandfather saved alot of the official information when people were promoted along with himself, so there may be names on these documents that people recognize right out the gate, I will do my best to get these items scanned and posted as quickly as I can and again, thank you. Look forward to sharing what I have found.



Hey JB, welcome to our forum. So glad you received such a warm welcome to the group.


We all excitedly await everything you are scanning and thank you in advance for sharing what you have and for honoring the memory of your grandfather and all the men of his unit. Wonderful!

Do you have this book?




I believe I do have that book, it should be the last picture I took up above, that should be the cover, I hope at least, I am going to try and spend sometime this weekend getting these items scanned and put up here for everybody.




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