Full Version: Happy Birthday to Roque Riojas
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Wow, we are a little behind here. I want to wish our own proud veteran of the 135th Regiment, 34th Infantry Division, Roque Riojas, a very special birthday greeting. Thank you for your service & your continuing service for your fellow veterans.



Don't know how we collectively missed this one!


Happy Birthday and here's to many more!



Happy Birthday Rocky. We all owe you veterans so much, so its best wishes from across the pond.



Happy Birthday!


And Thank You for what you do for all of us!



Holy cow, we all missed it. That is sad. I know I have been very, very busy this month with a huge local project, but still...


Sorry Rocky and all the best. We all miss and love you!!!!



Has anyone been able to establish the current position regarding Rocky? I see he was last active exactly two years ago !!



No, I sent email and sent a message to him via Facebook. I would have thought one of his daughter's would have contacted me by now. I am worried!!!

We've kept in touch via email and facebook during the last two years, but it has been months since our last chat.

Well Marion I think you have done all that would be expected of you.



I will see if I have a phone number. If so, I will definitely call.