Full Version: Happy Bdays to SonofaMP, Barbara P and John R
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:happybirthday: :happybirthday: :happybirthday:


Happy Birthday to several board members today - Barbara Patterson and John Richardson.


SPECIAL greetings to SonofaMP for playing such a vital role in this forum. Can't tell you how much we appreciate all your help and guidance.




Happy Birthdays!




Happy Belated Birthday Barbara and John!


And Marion, like you, I too want to send special greetings to - Son of an MP -Legend of Larry - The Wizard - Genius - Miracle Man and ........ What a Miracle to have such a kind and generous and Brilliant man come into our lives!!! He is a Hero too! He is working silently to give life back to so many! And helping others understand better the past as he solves real life puzzles!


I just thought of another name for him - A Father to All Medic's or something with Medic in it or maybe a Father to all Mankind - not only because of my Dad - but because he fills the role of a Medic - he puts the pieces/body parts back together, he tries to guide/help the men/people, and he carries them to safety etc. There is something to this connection...



To Larry, I also want to wish you a happy belated Birthday from down under. I hope went well!


What a great show stopping photo for Larry! Do you suppose Larry smokes? And what do you suppose Larry would like in the bottle?



I must admit I didn't have to go on. You Google "Happy Birthday Australia" and you get a lot of "Australia Day" images.


Belatedly thank you all for the birthday wishes & kind words. Hey Todd, thanks for the photo of uncle Hoppy! ( actualy 17th cuzin, 14 x removed on wife`s side of da family )