Full Version: US 7th Army - Sicily.
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Here is part of an email that Colin sent to me today. He is planning another trip to Sicily in 2006. Here's some info he recently found:

...My research into the US involvement in Husky has bought some results. I found by contacting the American Battle Monuments Commission that there are no official US memorials on Sicily. But the ABMC office in Rome has given me a list of four private memorials around Gela/Licata/Ragusa which I hope to visit and photograph.


1. 3rd Inf Div. Licata, downtown park.

2. 503rd 82nd Abn. Gela, near Il Castelluccio.

3. 505th 82nd Abn. Ponte Drillo (Gela).

4. 61st Troop carrier Group. C47 crash site. Ragusa.


I will of course put anything I find on the VI Corps website.




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