Full Version: Carl Furtado and Colin Hotham 2012
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Great pic of Carl Furtado and Colin Hotham, taken last year after the 36th Engineer reunion. Colin went up to Carl's place with him and spent some time on the East coast before heading back to England.


Marion thanks for posting that picture. He really enjoyed traveling around New England. Carl

You are very welcome. Too bad he can't be with us this year in DC, but he already had big plans related to his Sicily research.


Looking forward to seeing you in August!!!

Great picture - good to see you on the forum, sir!

Marion thanks also from me for posting the pic of Carl and I which was taken in Barrington RI. It bought back memories of my stay with Carl for the 2012 reunion. Among the many things that I enjoyed during my time there was my introduction to a live baseball game at the Pawsox!! I will miss you all this year but we will meet again. Colin

Ah, Colin, feel a song coming on...


We'll meet again, don't know how, don't know when, but we'll meet again some sunny day...