Full Version: Saar Offensive - Aug 29 to Sept 1, 2013 - Somerset
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I am putting together a new show for the 29th August to 1st September 2014.

The show will be called Saar offensive, Somerset 2014.

The show is just outside Crewkerne, Somerset.

The show will be for WW2 reenactors as well as for military vehicles from the same era.

We are looking a 4x4 driving challenge, and there will be battles taking place within a 10 acre wood.

There is toilets, showers and a beer tent.

If you wish to know more please email back.

We would like you to come along and spread the word.

Thank you.



Best wishes,

Shaun Bradley

Thank you Marion,

The show has a change of name but not the dates.

It is now called "Crewkerne at War".

I am trying to get as many groups of WW2 to come as possible.

Please let those you think should come know about the new show.



Best wishes,

Shaun Bradley

Update -


Hi Marion,


Just to update you. The new show is on 28/8/14-31/8/14. It's at Crewkerne, Somerset.


There is plenty of room and we are looking for as many groups to come along.


There is a 10 acre wood, which we plan to have them in, so that the public can see what it really like.


If you need to contact I am on 07817 761700.


So if you can get the word out.