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or last year :armata_PDT_01:

I hope this the proper Forum for this photo?.

I just visited the gallery again, section Engineer bridges-Germany, and thought I know the place of the first photos. Here a photo of last summer with our rescue exercise on the Rhine, between Bad Honnef and Rolandseck. The place of the bridge was later prepared for military crossings of the river, so-called "NATO ramps".




Edit: Pictures 31 and 32 are showing the same Bridge from the west bank of the Rhine. Here they use the ferry ramp, not the later NATO ramp 50m to the left.


Here the east bank photos, the new one of April 2013, unfortunatelay only a bad crop of the Background behind my daughter, the older one from the gallery.





Yup, this is good! :clappin2:


You are talking about rescue exercises, care to tell us a bit more about these? Just curious...

Of course I can!

I wrote some lines last year http://www.6thcorpsc...pic=6600&st=150

For several reasons it's getting more and more difficult to find enough lifesavers in each of the three mentioned organisations, so we tried for the first time mixed crews on different boats - rubber dinghies, IRBs, flood boats, emergency boats and a working boat and also for mixed teams of divers. It was the hottest day of last summer, but on the Rhine it was fine :P

But most of the time we are giving swimming lessons or guarding pools, all honorary as a Hobby, and also if it's raining.


If you want to see more you can visit my site









all honorary as a Hobby, and also if it's raining.