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Hello all and thanks for allowing me to come here. My grandfather, Daniel A Bunn, was with Company B, 21st Engineers (Avn) when it was at Langley Field, VA. I've got the company roster and Christmas menu from 1941. He was still with Company B when it was with the 824th Engineer Battalion Aviation (separate) in Iceland. I've got the menu from Christmas dinner 1943 which includes the company roster. He sure liked Christmas dinner! I've also got literally hundreds of photos from various jobs and places both in Iceland and in Europe. My grandfather died in 2010 and never really talked about his experiences and had barely begun giving my father his albums and some of the stories behind them. Some of the photos have descriptions but a lot do not. I'd love to have the opportunity to share them with others who may also be searching and look forward to possibly learning more about the Engineer experience.

Fantastic. Would love to include the photos in the gallery in the near future.


I have a 36th Engineer Christmas Dinner menu. Happy to have it in my collection.


I will eagerly await anything you can share.



I've been scanning til I can't see straight! Right now I'm working my way through his pictures of France. I have several shots of people he served with but the majority don't have names on them. The ones that do are Dobbs, Pagano, Duditch and Kutskid, although I may be mistaken on that last one... my grandfather had horrible handwriting and some of these were written in pencil... ugh! As soon as I can get the rest scanned and in some kind of order, I'll definitely be uploading them. I just wish my aunt and I had gotten the geneaology urge a lot sooner because there aren't many people left in the family who actually remember "back in the day".

Oh man, I know that feeling. Over the course (about 8 years or so), I've scanned literally thousands of photos and documents for this site.


Once a gal got kind of "teed-off" with me, for she couldn't understand why I didn't have more of the STUFF uploaded to the site, for she knew I had more info on her dad's unit. I explained that it was my goal to do so, but I also worked full time, blah, blah, blah and I was doing the best I could. It's only me - one person. Believe it or not, she said I was being kind of selfish (she used THAT word), for they're were hundreds of people out there waiting to get their hands on these documents, etc. Ya, you read that right. Trust me, I was hurt and furious. :armata_PDT_23::armata_PDT_19:


I would love to have everything in my office on the site, nothing would make me happier, but I also have other things in my life which warrant my time and attention. :excl:


Well, I know you know what it feels like trying to get this kind of thing accomplished. A lot of effort goes into it.


my grandfather had horrible handwriting and some of these were written in pencil... ugh! ".


That happened a lot. Ugh, is right! It's days like this when you really wish there was such a thing as time travel! :clock:

This is wonderful! How kind to share these great historic treasures!


And Marion, what you have done in addition to providing this site - is just beyond words!!!!!


I am a Member of Your Fan Club!


Jean J

Ok, have a few mystery photos in the collection so far. I'd love to see if anyone can identify the object in one photo in particular. Marion, what's the preferred method of posting a photo inquiry? The object is driving me buggy! It appears to be a huge plate of some kind but danged if I can figure it out. Even my nephew wasn't sure. Even though he's only 11, by the time he was 3 he could tell you whether or not a tank was a Sherman, a plane was a B24 and had the jaws of more than one local reenactor dropping to the ground when, at age 5, he went into detail on how to tell an MG 34 from an MG 42! (it's all in the barrel ;) )

Just post the photo in this tread, we love mysteries.

Ok, this looks like a pretty noteworthy bridge... any clues where it is?



The buildings look German to me, but I'm no architect.

I'll have my buddy from Germany, take a look at it. He helped me with my dad's photos, and in fact took a AFTER shot for me in Heidelberg. Just sent him an email. Will let you know.

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