Full Version: Operation Dragoon - The "Forgotten D-Day" - Aug 2013
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While I talked about this in the 36th/540th 2013 Reunion (it may be a possibility to hold the two together), it deserves a mention on its own.


Please see attached info sheet regarding this great event to be held


August 8-11, 2013

Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel - 900 South Orme St, Arlington, VA 22204


My husband and I are attending. Can't wait. This will be a big event. I'd like to thank those who are responsible for putting this together. What a great way to honor my father and his buddies who fought there.

Operation Dragoon - Aug 2013 - DC.pdf

Marion, the above sounds great and I'm sure you will have a good time . It just seems to me that once again Husky, a far more important invasion has been forgotton. The 70th anniversary of the 'return to europe' as it was labelled in 1943 looks like it is not going to get the recognition it deserves, I approached my MP (member of parliament) and the Ministry of Defence UK without finding any official interest. I wonder if it is the same in the USA from whence came the US 7th Army under Gen Patton to play their part in the reduction of the island of Sicily. It may seem paranoid of me to raise this, but it has filled almost the last ten years of my life in an effort to get Husky remembered.

Your friend,


Colin, I'm so glad there are people like you who take interest in this and take the time to bring this to light. I know our forum has helped to bring some things into focus and to educate and enlighten people around the world. I guess the only thing you and I can do is to keep on keeping on and hope others will catch the "bug" and spread the news.


Yes, I'm very excited about going to this event and even more happy that Lee is going too. Colin, talked to Kai-Ann last night and she is going to see if we can make it a real family affair and have Dean and Jessica go too. Since it's in Washington DC, there would be much to do and see and Jessica really wants to see the Washington Memorial.


God bless ya!

Lots of good stuff to share. This will be put up on the main site too. This is a video, one I had not seen before on the Invasion of Southern France.

Here's a link they gave me on the WWII Talk Forum:


This are the search results for Operation Dragoon on the Critical Past website. These are video links...

Here's my certificate of appreciation for attending the event.



Certifcate of Appreciation - Operation Dragoon August 2013.pdf

Hi Marion!


That certificate is lovely!


For all the work you do and have done I am sure one day you will have a wall of bronze plaques!



Awww, thanks!