Full Version: Christmas presents
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brian m

I got some "new" goodies for Christmas. IMG_6388_zpsa9f0fcb7.jpg


I got six mess hall trays and an assortment of knives, spoons and forks. These will be great to use for cookouts or for guys night watching WWII flicks!


Though I must say my best Christmas present (besides my newborn son) was a visit with my Mothers Aunt and Uncle to talk about their WWII experiences. She worked in Pittsburgh, PA wrapping wires for the ammunition belts for airplanes and he started off in an anti-aircraft outfit here in the states and then went through Africa, the invasion of Salerno, Corsica and then up through France ending up in a laundry outfit. A very cool visit!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone and I would love to see posts with presents you received!

This is very cool. Will be over for dinner shortly.... :pdt12:

What a great post.


Jean J