Full Version: ID a Patch
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brian m

I saw how fast it took for the great people on this site to identify the last Patch ID question so I figured I would see how you do on this one.


This is my wife's grandfather in Europe during the war, or just after. I got to visit with him often before he passed and he told me some stories but just as is the case with my Grandfather, I didn't know the important questions to ask, I just listened (and tried to remember).


I do know that he was in the army and I believe part of a supply depot. I do not have much experience with patches but it looks like it is theater made and probably not one approved by the army. Unfortunately this is the only photograph of him with the patch showing and the quality is not the greatest. I look forward to seeing if you all can help with this one!







Unfortunately the image is way too small, and I can't make out a thing. Is it possible for you to re-scan at a higher/larger resolution and then re-posting.


Many thanks,


I got the image from my brother in law and unfortunately that is the best i have. I have enlarge it below but i am not sure if it will help. As far as i can tell it is an eagle with the wings spread out. I will talk to my brother in law and see if he has the photograph and try to get a better scan.







Yes, if the quality is not good to begin with, then the enlargements will not be any better.


Thanks for the description.

I'm going through the engineer's insignia book right now. Already went through some general insignia's online, but didn't spot it.

I will keep looking. Went through the entire engineer book. I didn't think it was engineer related, but it was worth a look.

Here's a good one to peruse -

almost impossible to make out any detail of the patch. I agree that its probably not engineer unless it`s aviation engineer. An eagle is used on alot of aviation related insignia. Possibly an Air Depot Group. The simple design suggests to me a Headquarters or some type of command unit.