Full Version: Happy Happy Thanksgiving !!
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Across the miles and across the table share a grateful moment with those who mean the most !! Happy Thanksgiving , Love Vee




I would like to add my wishes to all my friends across the sea in the USA for a very Happy Thanksgiving. You are all in my thoughts as you celebrate this special day and my "thank You" goes out to all those of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment, both veterans, currently serving, and friends and familes. Not forgetting Major Todd who is serving us all away from home. Thank you for accepting this limey into your lives.




Thank you Colin an Vee. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and members today.


We are having our big celebration tomorrow, for Kai-Ann, Dean and Jessica will be arriving this evening. Big dinner at our house Friday afternoon, with family and friends. About a dozen people.


Already made five pies - two pumpkin, one apple, one vanilla ice cream and oreo bits with a oreo crust and a chocolate pudding pie with oreo crust and cool whip top. Yum! Also made my sausage and cornbread stuffing.


Tomorrow I make the turkey, mashed potatoes and maple syrup sweet potatoes (mashed). Tons of appetizers to put out too.


Love to all!

Vee - the card was so beautiful. I just loved the cell playing bear at the end.

yummmmmy !! Marion I can come to eat :P Love Vee

I have plenty of food!!!!