Full Version: Thank God we have strict protocols here...
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Thank God we have strict protocols here...


All of a sudden today, we had a LARGE number of people apply for membership in a two-three hour period. Of course I immediately grew suspicious and took a look at them closely. All except one were Spammer Bots. Their IP's were immediately placed into my server level block application and they will have no further access to this site, period.


As every member here knows, we have very strict protocols set up, and everyone has to go through a two-step process to become a member, so we weren't in any danger, but many sites are. One forum which I frequent is bombarded on a daily basis, yet they do nothing to prevent this. I've talked to them twice and told them how to set up to avoid these problems, but don't understand why they haven't used my tried and true method. So I guess you will continue to whine, even when help was sent your way. I don't get it! :groan:

Fox Newz reports that the obammiebots are blaming the Bushybots, the ciabots claim it was Quadaffibots, the UNbots says it was a filmbot and Nancybot said she`s not too old to be yourhousebot.

I think that sums it up very well. :clappin2::pdt12: :pdt12:

Another run this morning, but under control again. Placed a ban on entire ranges of IP addresses from the Ukraine and surrounding countries. I cast ye out, oh perpetrators!!!!



I've found that expecting every other user/ administrator you come in contact with to be an idiot is a good place to start. If they prove you wrong, that's super, but mostly, that assumption will not be proved wrong!