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when we had our darkroom


Yes, digital photography has taken half of the fun out of taking pictures! Of course, it has also taken 50% of the pain in the butt out of photography, as well. The fact that I can shoot all these shots in my different port locations, with no regard to how many pictures I can take (batteries, not film, is now the limiting factor), and have those pictures hung on the web site that day is great. In the grand old days of yore, I would be having to the developers in Okinawa and pay through the nose to get it done. As much as I miss it, it just makes sense - especially to those who don't care about the fun of smelly chemistry. I think I will bring out my 4x5 next patrol and get some big B&Ws, however. I'll let you know how that goes.


Speaking of ports and photos, Hong Kong was amazing!! We are going to be back in Oki soon so I will hold off on dumping a lot of pictures on here for the moment. Here's a couple:



Skyline at night from our ferry



Skyline from a 40 story building



Me and the view from the 100th floor of the tallest building in the first picture (tallest in HK)



From a Buddhist temple. I was looking down from the second floor so it is about 16' tall.

Ah, those are quite something. I love the statue. Just stunningly beautiful. Glad you got to see something which knocked your socks off for a change. Looking forward to seeing more. How long did you get to stay in port?

We were there about 4.5 days - it was really great. I wish we just skipped Malaysia and went straight there (no offense to the Proboscis Monkies!!)



Love the side-by-side photos!


I knew you were thinking that - skip Malaysia and spend more time in Hong Kong!

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