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Sorry they aren't in order, but I noticed that two were no longer opening, so I had to re-upload the files. Thanks!

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Ha, ha! The pictures of the [pardon the expression] shitters right next to each other reminds of Camp Wilson out at 29 Palms. No thought of privacy there either as late as 2007 when I was last there. I will have to ask if that's changed.

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The latest edition of the newsletter contains a couple of photographs from the huge collection of the 295th, which the museum is converting from a shoebox of negatives from WWII. Very cool.

Castle Courier Dec 2014.pdf

Castle Courier Jan Feb 2015.pdf

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Castle Courier Dec 2015.pdf

This is what we had in Saigon before going on to Da Nang. No privacy and it was a fearful sight early in the morning trying to shave in the same little room. Once we got to Da Nang we had wooden ( out houses ). In the 4 and 6 holer design. Splinters were always a problem.