Full Version: Farewell Van T. Barfoot - 157th Infantry Regiment(M.O.H.)
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This is a little late...


Sad to report that Col.(then 2nd Lt.) Van T. Barfoot passed away after a fall which entered him into a coma. He passed away at the age of 92, on March 2, 2012.


Please put Col. Barfoot's family in your prayers. He was one of our "Greatest Generation."




3 good men lost to us. Sadly, there are so many more. My two grandfathers, both combat vets from VI Corps (540th CE and 45th Infantry Reg), are both gone. Seems more and more are lost each day.

Hi: Long time no talk. Thank you for posting the passing of the three veterans of the 3rd Infantry Div. As always a sad fact, but it's great that you are honoring their memories.


I hope all is well with you.