Full Version: Rare color film - Iwo Jima
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Rare color film - Iwo Jima



Indeed, I had not seen this before. I will be curious to see if Todd has seen this one.

Nope I hadn't seen it although it was very good. I do want to make on e correction. There are no "Marine medics". Or medical support (and chaplain for that matter) comes from the Navy. So there were Corpsmen there amongst the Marines in many cases dying to save their Marines. As Marines were are obliged to give Navy personnel a ration of shit just for not being Marines, but we have a huge spot in our hearts for them as we recall the service that they have done for us in battle through the years.


I would like to add a response to the "we took Iwo as a fighter base" notion, but have to run to a meeting now. Perhaps I can get to it later.

Funny, your correction was also pointed out by someone else who viewed the film on YouTube. I knew you'd catch that too.

It is made from the same material as "To the Shores of Iwo Jima", isn't it?



I'm sure it is. After I see so many films and clips, it all starts to blur in my mind. But I certainly know when I haven't seen something, and am always delightfully surprised.