Full Version: Farewell - Orville "Bill" Munson - 48th Combat Engineer
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June 14, 2012 - It is with deep regret and sadness, I inform you of the passing of my friend, Bill. Below are letters I received from his sons. You will be truly missed.



Marion—I have talked of you with Dad and seen many of your communications with him. This morning I sent the attached to my law firm. Jeanelle, by the way, is my daughter, his granddaughter, of course, and she works for me as my paralegal. Believe it or not I have sent your web site to countless people who inquire of my dad, and today, one of my staff sent it to the entire firm. It was the first time Jeanelle had seen it. She never knew how sad Dad was about missing her wedding. In any event, with all that you have meant to him, I always said to myself I would let you know when he passed. It is done. Thank you for allowing him to leave a little of himself for others who never got the chance to meet or know the Munson family “Superman”.


Bruce Munson






I suspect that you've heard from one or more of my brothers, but, to make sure you've heard, I want you to know my dad has passed.


He died in his sleep this AM with a smile on his face and a sword at his side. This world is missing a warrior but Valhala is celebrating.


God bless you and thanks for what you did with that marvelous website. I can't tell you how many folks I shared that with.