Full Version: This forum and date of postings
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Good morning Marion!


Two remarks: The time stamp of my last posting is "Today, 12:33 AM", a problem with the time zones? I couldn't compare it with older postings as only the new ones have the time stamp.


And this forum is empty when entering it, but the forum page announces 3 topics.


Happy whitsun



Edit: On my other computer it's marked 10:33 PM?!

You have to set your own time zones in your settings.


Let me check on your other concerns... Be right back... :pdt12:

Yes, you are right about it being empty, except for this posting, but I believe I may have topics set to expire after so many days in this section. I will go in and look. I changed a few parameters within certain sections, after we upgraded a few weeks ago. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you for information. My time zone is and was set, I was only astonished what is 12:33 AM instead of 0:33 AM, but now it's clear.