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I have the honor and pleasure of introducing a friend of Joe's and fellow 3rd Infantry Division member, Russ Cloer. I asked Russ if I could share his initial letter to me with all of you. He heartily agreed and so hear we go... :pdt20:



My name is Russ Cloer. I am 84 years old and live with my wife of 61 years in a senior independant living facility in Tampa, Fl.


I am a WWII vet of the 3rd Inf Div, 7th Inf Reg't, through 6 campaigns, Anzio, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Central Europe and Rhineland.


The decoration in which I take the greatest pride is the Combat Infantry Badge, which was awarded to me in the first ever issue on the Anzio Beachhead in Italy in early 1944. My MOS was Infantry Unit Commander. I spent most of the War as platoon leader of the 7th Infantry I&R (Intelligence and Reconnaissance) platoon, and became a 1st Lt (Co. Exec) and then 7th Inf. Hq. Co commander (Capt). (Often two jobs at the same time!).


My fondest memory is that of leading one of the first recon patrols into Rome and seeing the first blush of dawn through the paneless windows of the ancient Coliseum. In second place, I would put viewing the Austrian Alps through the ruins of what was once Hitler's Berghof window. And in last place, the sound of an incoming 88mm enemy shell. The sharp crash of the bursting shell, followed by the whisper of the shell in flight, then the hollow boom of the enemy muzzle blast, all in reverse order because of the supersonic speed of the 88mm shell.l


I entered the Army through the Rutgers University ROTC program, followed by Infantry OCS at Ft. Benning. I was assigned to the 7th Infantry as a replacement 2nd Lt. I was with them from Anzio to Berchtesgaden, and then 7 months of occupation duty along the Russian zone border.


I came home in January 1946, reverted to the inactive reserve, and went to work as an engineer for the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. I retired at age 60 as Director of Finance and Administration and came to Florida.


It's been a good life and I am now trying to "stretch my glide", as we used to say in the aircraft industry.



Russ Cloer

Russ: Welcome aboard: Glad I conned you into joining here as I promised Marion I

would try. Am posting a pic of Russ (3-7-I Recon) in France. Hope you dont mind Russ.