Full Version: Thoughts from Russ Weiskircher - 45th Infantry Division
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I refer not to our 66th wedding anniversary celebrated two days ago, but to this 29 April, A Sunday, 67 years ago at the liberaTION OF DACHAU BY MY UNIT, THE THIRD BATTALION OF THE 157TH REGIMENT OF THE 45TH DIVISION, THE THUNDERBIRD DIVISION. I never thought that I would live to see this day, many of our buddies haven't. So I just wanted to tell you that my thoughts have been turned back to the infamous era of man's humanity and the ending of a living horror. Some of you were there or nearby or are close students of the era. Join me in a prayer that such as the holocaust may never again be repeated. Russ Weiskircher


Amen Russ, amen dear friend!