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I would like to correspond with anyone who has an interest in the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment during World War II. My dad, Lloyd V. Olson, spent three years overseas as a member of 344th's Company B following his induction at Fort Lewis, WA. My dad died in 1984 but left a scrapbook of photos from his army days, including images of many unidentified soldiers, whom I can only surmise being fellow members of Company B. I'd like to post these images in case anyone can recognize themself or a loved one. Attached are two group shots to start off. In the smaller group, my dad, Lloyd V. Olson, is third from the left in the front row.



Hi again! I replied to one of the other topics you posted this week. Glad to have you on board.


Would love to see all your collection. Would be happy to add your dad's photos to our gallery.



Hi Keith

My dad, John Beaudry was company C commander (344th) from North Africa through the end of the war. He spent 30 years in the army retiring in 1969. If you are interested in any info I may have please let me know. Thanks, Jim

Kieth and Jim, my area of research is the Italian Campaign WW2, particularly Operation Husky (Sicily1943). The 344th GSR was involved in mainland Italy through to Germany and appears a number of times in this book that we on here call our bible: Pages 186, 212, 452, 454.

I appears that their area of expertise was in the transport and construction of Bailey Bridges?



Hey Jim. Nice to add another member to our fold. Happy to have you here.