Full Version: check your sources
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Just wanted to clear up somrthing that has been around & around the internet.

A long time ago I was taught a good lessen by ----- Walt's Daughter. She pulled no punches.

And that was to not go off 1/2cocked and foreward false info.

Mare said; "check it out,,,, Go to Snopes"


If every one who reads this, would tell their contacts to "Ckeck it out first with Snpoes"

we could put some of there "wackos" out of busness



Thanks so much Chuck. That was very sweet of you.


It's nice to know when someone heeds my advice. I agree; the world would be a heck of a lot nicer place if everyone (whether spoken or emailed) checked their sources first.






Thanks Chuck, just today someone was talking about the cell phones going public.


I received an email the other day and one of the very first sentences contained a link that said "this is true check it out here on snopes". It went on and on about how the government is going to take something away from us.


Well.... I clicked the link and the snopes site said it was FALSE.


What the??

Those are the best ones now Brooke, for people place THAT line in the actual email, "This has been checked on SNOPES", and then everyone forwards it. When I write to them to tell them they've sent me yet another bull letter, they say, "BUT, the letter said it had been checked out on SNOPES!!" Ya, and I'm the Easter Bunny, lady! :wave2: :wave2:


Or I get all these virus warnings...Just the other day I got one which had been written in 2002. Sheesh! You'd do the world a bigger favor by CHECKING OUT YOUR SOURCES FIRST, than clogging up the internet and my inbox with you-know-what!