Full Version: Thoughts and prayers for Armonde Casagrande
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Thoughts and prayers for Armonde Casagrande, 343rd Engineer, who just got home from the hospital, after suffering a bout with congestive heart failure. He and his wife wound up in the hospital at the same time. Not a good week for the family. :pal: :pal:



Hi, sorry it took so long to write you. A week ago last Sunday I was awaken by a teriffic pain on my left side. I don't recall, but somehow during my sleep, I must have coughed pretty hard rupturing a vain. In the morning I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Test showed that I had congested heart failure, along with the rupture. During the day of agony, it took three shots to give me some relief. As for the heart, one of my important drug, was not doing the job it was supposed to. My whole right side and back was black and blue from interanl blleeding. A surgeon looked me over. Said I was a lucky one, I didn't need surgery. After five days I was sent home. Incidently, while there, an emergency brought my wife in. We were both in the hospital at the same time. That's the second time this has happened.


And I hope, the last time. I'm doing OK for now, a little pain now and then. Pain pills help to relieve it and the coloring is slowly getting back to normal or close to it. I guess that's all for now. Hope everything is well with you. Love "talking" to you.....


As ever..Love ya..Armi