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Over the last few days I have received several emails from men such as Jim Hennessey of the 87th Inf Div and Henri Rogister who runs this site:


This is in regards to finding the remains of a fallen comrade after many, many long years and taking the time to pay homage to this fine soldier. Jim sent me two photos. One of Sgt Puckett of the 99th Inf Division and one of him being honored in Neuville.


Here is the letter I received from Henri:


Dear friends,


Mr James Hennessey asked me to sent you this information and pictures.

Today, June 18, 2005, The Sergeant John T 'Jack' Puckett was buried with all honors at the American Military Cemetery of Neuville en Condroz, Belgium. His sister Joann was present at the ceremony. (See picture)

His body was discovered (with two other) on 1992 near Elsenborn and it is only 13 years after that he was identified.





22 Rue du Progres

B-4032 LIEGE





In Neuville


John's sister at ceremony


These guys do FANTASTIC work. I wish I lived close enough to volunteer for this. The MIA's are very much of interest to me and my site.


I also take my hat off to the US Armed forces and the way they deal with the finding and reburial of their MIA's. As the pictures show, not effort is avoided to give these men (and their families) the credit and honor they deserve.

Isn't this incredible? What a touching and remarkable story. Here we are 60 years later. Imagine how his family must feel? :rolleyes: