Full Version: "A Dip in the History" July 2011
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A bit late, but this is a video that we shot at Giogo Pass, during the event "A Dip in the History" in July 2011.

If you look carefully, you will see me every now and then :P

I had so much fun!



Just got home last night, so was finally able to view this, this morning. Nicely done, and yes, I bet you did have fun filming this. It was nice to see you in action. I DID see you!

In fact, "fun" is not the correct word more ... "Fun" seems disrespectful ... The right word is excited!

Yes, I thought of that too, but I KNEW what you meant. It was a great opportunity to be part of this film, honoring our US vets who fought so hard and long and lost so much. Sometimes words aren't necessary between friends, but others may have misconstrued your intent.



Sometimes words aren't necessary between friends, but others may have misconstrued your intent.




Precisely for this reason, I have chosen to clarify! Moreover, if we do these things, is certainly not to offend or dishonor those who fought or died here.... I am too young, but I will always be immensely grateful for the effort, sweat and tears have flowed from those great men for us!

I may have to get into this reenacting thing before I get too old! As a major and a communicator in the Marines, my days of running around with a rifle are pretty much over. It's just staff work, emails, and paper pushing for me and it sucks! Perhaps I can join some unit in (hopefully*) North Carolina and just be a plain old private. Being enlisted is, in many ways, much more fun than being an officer. (And yes there are ways that are worse - I know!) I'd just like to go out to some field exercise and not be in charge for a change. It's like I fell with my kids' Cub Scout pack. It seems everytime there is a camp out, end of planning and running the whole darn thing. Just once I'd like to just be one of the dads. Maybe cook breakfast and then chill out at the camp site all day while the kids are out with the leaders - normally me - doing activities. So yes - being a PFC (again) would suit me just fine!!!


PFC O'Brien June, 1995




* I say hopefully North Carolina because I don't know where I'm going yet. I'll let everyone knokw when I have orders but it won't be until early March.

Nice pic. You look very THOUGHTFUL!

I understand your argument Capt, I also prefer, during the commemorations, to be a private or pfc, also because the re-enactors, would like to make all officers... (as if war had been won by the only officers...).

However, if you start the activity, we'll wait for the column of freedom in Italy... (Of course I'm kidding)

Ps: You're never too old for these things....

I don't know - sometimes when I'm running my USMC Physical Fitness Test or Combat Fitness Test I feel pretty darn old!