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Army Air Corps: When the Army Air Force recruited the college students in 1942 as Aviation Cadets from the colleges and universities across the land, then they told the students that they were needed as officers in the rapidly expanding Army Air Force and would become pilots, navigators, or bombardiers. Furthermore, those that did not choose to fly and had two years of college would become an Aviation Cadet Ground Crew and commissioned in armaments, communication, meteorology, photography, or engineering. But, when the AAF discovered at the end of 1943 that their over zealous recruiting and over estimation of loss rate had created a large surplus of pilots, they ignored all of the promises made to the college students and began transferring them to technical schools. This did not create a pleasant situation for the schools or the ex-cadets.

Art I have an Uncle that was in the Army Air Corp, in 1943. He ended up stationed in the Alluetin Islands. He didnt fare well when he did his pilot training and they made him a cryprographer. I have some really neat photos from his time there. He was there for quite some time. And he says it was cold...imagine that


Uncle George & a buddy


More buddies


More buddies






Titled Tree only one on Attu


And from the looks of it, it looks like it didn't survive the winter. - :D - Marilyn

I have to find my notes for these I dont have the pictures handy to see what he wrote on the back. It does look cold though


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