Full Version: My Nine Lives (Minus) One - Joe Izzillo
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A new book by one of our own, Joe Izzillo, WWII veteran. Thanks in advance for the book. I can't wait to get my autographed copy. :wub:


Just a short announcement to let you know my book is available for sale on Amazon. The title of my memoir is “My Nine Lives (Minus) One.” In the subsequent weeks, it will also be available at Barnes and Noble.


I hope you all enjoy the memories and many adventures that I have experienced throughout my life.


With love,


Forgot to post I DID get my copy and have been reading it whenever I get a chance.


The image is from Joe's book. Look down about half way to see yours truly! :wub: Thanks Joe. That was so sweet!


You're becoming quite the celebrity M1. Anybody who says they don't care about recognition for their accomplishments is a Liar in my book...we all like it!


Very true. Yes, we (I) do like to be acknowledged and appreciated. It's like any other job. When you do something well, or do something original, you like to hear from the public, or it seems all for naught.


Heck sometimes I get frustrated when I spend hours, days or weeks working on a project, then posting it here or on the forum, then get little or absolutely no response from anyone, it's like being in a large void. I get frustrated and begin to wonder... But I know deep down many are benefiting from it, but heck I'm still human. It would be nice to get a pat on the back and at least a sentence or two from someone out in cyberspace.


BTW, thanks for your response. :pdt12: :pdt12: