Full Version: mobile app for vi corps
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Hi gang:


While this forum was viewable on web phones, it is now a fully functional web app via, droid, iphone, etc. So if you have a web-enabled phone (I'm typing on one right now), you will now be able post new topics and reply too. Cool huh?


I've been sick with a cold all week and got ticked off this morning when I couldn't reply to posts from my couch, so got up, went to desktop and entered the admin and enabled the mobile app. About time, isn't it? Lol!


Hope this makes it more convenient for several of you who have this capability. Enjoy!

YES !!!

Marion, how do I find the VI Corps App for my iPhone3G ?


Oh, it should just come up automatically for ya Colin. It did for me. I simply went to the forum website through the browser on my Droid and, viola!


Let me know. :waving:

Now all I need is a smart phone!

What, u don't have one yet mr techie? Lol


Used google maps to navigate today. Worked pretty good and I didn't have to pay for verizon navigator. Liked that.

I go to the website via my Yahoo browser on my iPhone but all I see is the Forum, no mention of an app? :( I imagine the 6th Corps app would take me straight to your website on opening up my phone if it was on my first screen as with other apps ????

There isn't any app to download. Its just that the forum will now appear with iwth more features, such as the ability to post n reply.

What, u don't have one yet mr techie? Lol


I had my own personal cell phone for a month in 2001 while I was at a Filed Exercise (FEX) at Fort Bragg. When I came home, I gave it to my wife and haven't "owned" one since. I have, however, had ones given to me by the government. My philosphy is if the USMC wants to get in touch with me, they need to provide a cell phone. Otherwise, I am happy to not have anything and they can call me at home. So far that has worked. Of course, the trade-off is that you don't get cool, new, or high dollar phones or BlackBerries. I do have a BB currently but it an relatively no frills model (i.e. no touchscreen for Angry Birds.)