Full Version: 15 ways to stop wasting food
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Just some common sense ideas, but these are smart. People do WASTE so much food. I know friends who won't even eat left-overs and toss everything down a garbage disposal. What a shame. In our family we EAT everything. And we also don't pay that much attention to expiration dates. As I stated on Facebook; our grandmothers used their heads (and their noses) to know when things were bad.


One of my customers told me he HATES those danged expiration dates on everything and actually tries to hid them from his wife. Why? Because she goes through the cupboard and refrigerator on a daily basis and throws everything out, regardless if it's still good or not. She simply relies on that printed date. What a shame. It drives him crazy! I can see why.


Another thing they should have stated on their is to PLAN YOUR MEALS FOR THE WEEK. We've been doing that for a few years now and it makes a huge difference. I buy what's on my list and nothing more.