Full Version: Cremated remains disposed of in dump!!!!
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This is outrageous. When someone sent me a note this morning, I said no way this is true, but looked it up on the internet and several sites including the big ones like NPR, are running this story.


December 8, 2011

An investigation by the Washington Post shows that remains of 274 service members were cremated and disposed of in a landfill by personnel at Dover Air Force Base. Steve Inskeep talks to the Post's Craig Whitlock, one of the reporters who uncovered the story.

This story is spreading like wildfire, everywhere I go. It's just incredible.

Yes this is intolerable. It is hard to conceive that someone would actually consider this as an option. They couldn't take the few hour boat ride to the open ocean and bury them at sea? Delaware Bay is minutes from the base. I will be following this story with interest. There are many people that need to be fired for this outrage!

My reaction was the same...I couldn't believe it at first. This is just terrible...