Full Version: “U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party
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Here is the information on the Grand Rapids vets day for 2011. AKA “U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party”


Please pass down the line.


I am looking forward to this. I have never met a “former Marine” yet.


Semper Fi



Robert P. Walsh


Very cool. I went to the Marine Corps Network Operations Center (basically the central heart of the USMC computer networks) on Friday as a part of my class I'm doing here. It is named Code Talker Hall and has some very interesting pictures and artifacts.

Glad you enjoyed the memo. The class sounds very cool at Code Talker Hall!

Dear Todd ,


I wish you a Happy 236th Birthday on Nov. 10. Semper Fidelis and OohRAH!!



From France with all my love



Here's something sent to me by my Marine Corps buddy, Rick Vogtmann. Go Daddy's tribute to the Marines. Semper Fi!

I have a (true)short story that I think might cause Major Todd to smile. I was at the supermarket yesterday shopping for groceries when I passed a woman with her toddler riding in her shopping cart. I didn't hear all that her child had said, but I heard him talking about his Daddy, whom he referred to as "a soldier." Mom quickly answered him, saying " Your Daddy is not a soldier...he's a Marine!"


Happy Birthday USMC! :happybirthday3:

Thanks, Vee! I appreciate it. I have been pretty busy the last couple of days so I haven't been on the computer much. Thanks for thinking about me. Vicki and I went to the USMC ball and had a good time. We've been to better balls, but it was good to get out for an evening.


DD. Thanks for the story! I did laugh!

We had a post going the other day, so I am merging this one with the one I started.


BTW Dogdaddy, that was a a cute story!