Full Version: Pictures from this years Reunion!! - 2011
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Just a few good ones for now. . .


Unser Colin!!



Our Gal Mar with John Fallon



The WWII Vets, other vets, and re-enactors



Todd, Marion, and Colin at the dinner









Marion and Todd






See the rest here!!

Bravo! Still working on all the ones on my laptop. Doing some cropping, etc, before uploading them. What fun we had, huh?

Great Photos Major, thanks for posting. Looks like yall had a great time.

Another great trip for me and once again the welcome was overwhelming!! I can only thank everyone for allowing me to be part of this very special occaision. Btw I'm not too sure about the helmet!!!

Best wishes to all,


So you made it home? Did you get to visit with Carl? Lots of questions. Still playing catch-up here as usual. Kai and I had a blast with you. It's always lovely to visit with you and this certainly was one of the best!!

Not home yet Marion! These messages are coming to you from the library of Warren on Rhode Island. I leave tomorrow for the UK via Harrisburg (overnight stay) and set off for home via Toronto Thursday, arriving on Friday afternoon. I had a great day out with Carl in Newport and Jamestown and he and I have already made tentative plans for 2012! Yes it was a blast with you Kai and the rest of the great gang!!!

Have been running so much, we haven't had time to touch base much, huh?


Well I am home from my trip with hubby and it was just a blast. Great, great time!


Two fantastic times in one month. Feel very lucky.


Hey did you retain ALL your luggage on the way back home. LOL!!!!


Was really great seeing you. That was quite a reunion, wasn't it!



Great pictures! Looks like everyone was having a great time too. :woof:

We sure were. It's a fun group and very friendly.

Great photos folks...

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