Full Version: 9/11 - 10th Anniversary Tribute
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The day that change not only America .But the rest of the World .We will never forget !!!

my thoughts are joining yours on this sad day !! All those brave men and women this very tragic day.....sad memories of that day. I pray for everyone who lost one family members and friends on that day God Bless




Thank you for starting this Vee. It's been on my mind, but I didn't have to change to do it yet. I appreciate your efforts.


God bless all the fallen and their families. God bless America and keep her strong. If we forget the significance of this day, then we are truly lost...

you lost alot of brave firemen and policemen on this day also !!




May 02, 2011- I predict A Very Black Day for Osama Bin Laden...


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I couldn't take anymore sad remembrances this week...My tear ducts are empty, so I decided to focus on the day America kicked in this cowardly bastard's door and delivered justice for his crimes against humanity. It was a long time comin'. I won't tell you company what I wish they would have done to his corpse before it went over over the side, but it rhymes with 'Diss'...

Listened to this again, first thing this morning. Boy does this bring back memories. Once again must thank Esther for taking interest in my words and for writing and singing this haunting melody. God bless America!


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From a friend



the making of the memorial at ground zero

FIWI sent this to me this week. This never even occurred to me. Spectacular. Humans doing what they have to in times of need. BRAVO~


I had been watching some documentaries on TV about 9/11, especially one about what happened afterwards.

This documentary was so haunting me several nights after I saw it that I almost thought of going to see a psychiatrist or so.

I won't tell you the details about this one but trust me ... it was a hard hitting and very sad one.




PS: Don't ask me more about it either, I'm still not willing to talk about it.

Hi Erwin,

Sorry to hear that you are having nightmares of any kind, not just confined to the events of 9/11. I really did have to cut myself off from watching programs about 9/11 after just a few hours of it. That whole week prior to the anniversary there were programs about it on almost every cable news channel and it left me wondering what was the point of this over saturation other than a ratings boost? One nice, respectfully done tribute on the actual anniversary would have been more meaningful to me than seeing those jets hitting the twin towers and D.C every half hour for nearly a week. I can't imagine how hard it must've been for family and friends of those who died on 9/11..